For over 30 years, the successful No Diet Weight Solution® program that has helped thousands of participants achieve weight-loss, better health, and well-being, has been taught in-person and
through live webinar classes.
In our latest offering, the full No Diet Weight Solution® program is available On-Demand, so you have the flexibility of self-paced learning on YOUR schedule!

* The new self-paced course is laid out into 9 “weeks” of lessons.
* The program walks you through the process step-by- step.
* Participants can download any of the MP3 audio support lessons to enable listening "on the go." (Great while driving or walking!)
* Participants can reach out and get help at any time from both NDWS coaches, as well as other community members.

* You have lifetime access to the entire program and can revisit it anytime you need or want to!

About the instructor

Emotional Eating and Non-Diet Expert

Dee Wolk

Author and speaker Dee Wolk has been providing weight loss support and instruction for people since she founded and created Dee Wolk’s Weight Solution® in 1983. She herself was an emotional eater, who after years of frustration with failed yo-yo dieting attempts researched the inner workings of the mind and body to develop her conscious eating techniques. She personally and permanently lost 42 pounds and has maintained her conscious approach to eating to this day.Dee was a subcontractor at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Integrative Medicine, where she taught her non-diet workshops for seven years with great success. She has taught her workshops at a variety of healthcare organizations and major corporations, including among many others University Hospital Case Medical Center (UHCMC), Lubrizol, Parker Hannifan, DDR, Ben Venue Labs,Nestle, Stouffer’s, and Bonne Bell. She has also, for over twenty years, conducted group and personal one-on-one coaching sharing her approach with thousands of frustrated dieters. Her passion and purpose is to free people from the bondage of being overweight and empowering them to achieve their goals through her results-oriented program.Dee’s tools and techniques address and differentiate physical and emotional hunger, allowing participants to achieve an ongoing lifestyle void of deprivation and obsession with food. Dee reaches out to the individual who is fed-up with the “yo-yo” and is ready for safe, sustainable weight loss. Her guidance and compassion have been sought out by failed dieters from around the country, representing all walks of life.

Course Curriculum

You have nothing to lose except your excess weight...